15 Examples of Great Holiday Email Designs

We all have emails flooding our Inbox. During the holidays, that can seem like an understatement. Marketers are competing for opens, clicks, and sales. And for businesses, the stakes are high. Sales are expected to increase 18 to 21 percent. Be prepared with email campaigns to meet your customers’ needs. Follow some practical advice for your email campaigns to seal the sale! And, for recipients and designers, it’s a fun time when businesses can flex their creativity muscle in the name of festive cheer. To ensure your on top of your email game this season, here’s a great collection of holiday email designs.

Email Design Tips to pull from this collection:

  • Simple works best
  • Focus on one main message
  • Keep the message clear
  • Keep the call to action clear with a button
  • Use design to frame and organize content
  • Add a little extra pizazz to impress your recipients (I’m a sucker for animated gifs)

Here’s 15 examples of great holiday email designs to inspire your next email campaign.

1. Bobbi Brown
Loving: simple and bold design makes you want to hit tonight’s holiday party, plus the promo offer is clear and above the fold to encourage clicks. The footer is on point to keep the user experience easy.

2. J Crew
Loving: the pairing of a strong typographical message pops off of the busy but monotone background; it’s festive but still easy on the eyes. 

3. Godiva
Loving: the creative flat lay works to frame the main promo message and each section below it. It’s easy to see and shop three exclusives direct from the email, taking the guesswork out of shopping. 

4. Ann Taylor Loft
Loving: the animation. The email is simple and clear but gets style points with the pine cone dance. 

5. J Crew
Loving: the sparkle promo message paired with a celebratory wish

6. ReWined
Loving: the product-focused design with hand drawn elements.

7. Terrain
Loving: The natural tone of purple instead of more traditional colors, plus the product collection offers an easy gift guide to shop.

8. Terrain
Loving: another one from Terrain that keeps on brand with their natural tone. This sale is just the right amount of festive for their brand.

9. Kate Spade
Loving: the bold and animated typography from the gift boxes is creative and clear. 

10. 31 Bits
Loving: the magical moment created with the handwritten type on top of the image.

11. DeBeers
Loving: the last minute reminder and branded gift bow.

12. J Crew Factory
Loving: the 12 days of deals promo creates a sense of anticipation and excitement. 

13. Nordstrom
Loving: the well wishes and invite to celebrate the season in store. 

14. Bare Minerals
Loving: the dressed up product to celebrate the award and season.

15. Rikumo
Loving: the string of lights that guides the eye down a long but well organized gift guide.

I hope you gained some festive inspiration and both send and receive cheer this season. If you want to see even more great email design, visit my Pinterest board.

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