The Absolute Guide to Getting the Most of Your Content

The moment of finally being able to publish your blog post has arrived. You’ve done the work, now it’s time to send it off into the digi-sphere and hope for the best, right? Not necessarily. Too many times bloggers race to publish content and move on to the next task when your blog post still has some crucial steps if you want it to be found, read and shared.

Make the most of your blog post with these guidelines:

  1. Optimize your content: Use a keyword rich title, permalink, and set proper meta tags and H-tags. If available, use a free SEO plugin like Yoast to write a search-friendly title, description, and keywords.
  2. Make it easy for readers to engage: Enable comments and social sharing buttons. Go the extra step and have savvy tweets ready to push to Twitter at the top and bottom of the post. Many readers tweet interesting statements without reading the entire content themselves.
  3. Share it: Find or craft an interesting image and headline and share it on your social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn. Each social channel has its own personality, so be sure to re-target your message to fit the audience. If you or your team members have personal blogs or social accounts, share it again with a link to the post.
  4. Track it: Add a custom url string so you can easily identify top performing referrals in Google Analytics. Example: ?utm_source=social&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=post_title
  5. Promote It: If the article is worthy of paid advertising, promote it with a Facebook ad or promoted posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also consider Google AdWords for search engine promotion.
  6. Submit It: Submit your article to relevant directory sites and forums, like,, and
  7. Create a Cross Medium Version:
    • Convert your article into a PDF and include a download link at the bottom of your post. Head over to to create a PDF in seconds using just your post link. You can also submit your PDF to directory sites like
    • Record a video, whiteboard or screen capture video and share it on and
    • Create a slideshow and submit it to

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